All our motorcycle seats are made with a very elaborate graphic design, this in favor of a captivating aesthetics and great visual impact; our lines, now appreciated all over the world, are the maximum expression of motorcycle upholstery made in Italy.

Among the coverings of our motorcycle seats , we find:

    Standard, the classic motorcycle seat cover with high quality leather, for a longer duration and with the possibility of customization;
    Ultra Grip, a coating suitable for super sports bikes, where the grip of the seat is essential for driving to the limit;
    Comfort System, a coating that reduces fatigue and vibrations transmitted by the motorcycle, for a more relaxing ride.

Master craftsmen sew our high quality leather composite covers for motorcycle seats , putting a lot of passion and attention to detail, to give the customer a perfectly made motorcycle seat cover.

Our motorcycle seats are recognizable for the great quality and customization of the upholstery, with the possibility of inserting the brand logo and multicolor inserts.

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