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R 1200 GS ADVENTURE (06-18)

R 1200 GS Adventure

The GS 1200 Adventure, where the term GS indicates adaptation both on and off-road, is a normal evolution of the previous R 1150 GS model , with differences in power, displacement and weight.

In fact, the many technical improvements and modifications to the engine of this BMW 1200 GS Adventure (with an increase in volume), have brought the power beyond 100 Hp.

The suspension has also been improved, using a lighter aluminum alloy, increasing its performance and grip on the road, while the Bmw Gs 1200 weight is around 225 kg dry.

Tappezzeria Italia offers for this Bmw GS 1200 Adventure, different types of seat covers , from the standard model with color variations and the possibility of inserting the logo, to the Comfort System models.

Coated seats for two age groups: