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BMW means Beyerishe Motoren Werke , literally "Bavarian engine factory". Engines which, however, originally come from aircraft.

The first BMW engine dates back to 1920 and was mounted on a two-wheeler of the Victoria brand. But it will be in 1922 that the first entirely BMW motorcycle arrives: the engine remains the same, but obviously everything else is entirely rethought. Thus, in 1923, the actual production began. And this is the first milestone in the history of BMW motorcycles.

On 1 January 1976 the motorcycle part was spun off from the parent company and BMW Motorrad Gmbh was born. A change that gives operational and financial independence

In the 1980s he began participating in off-road competitions, whose specially made models were launched on the market the following year. BMW thus launches into the enduro sector and although initially with due hesitation - it achieves a success.

The last 30 years of the history of BMW motorcycles are marked by the determination to face the success of Japanese manufacturers by continuing to innovate without distorting their identity. A project started in the early 90s and which has paid off over time. Today BMWs are beautiful, safe bikes that give great satisfaction in the city as an off-road vehicle.

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