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CBR 600 F (99-06)

Talking about the CBR 600 F is a caress to the heart for both Hondist and non-Hondist enthusiasts. The Honda CBR 600 F sports bike and its RR variant are very important for the Japanese house, because they introduced the concept of a very long-lived sports road bike with ever-new models, leading it to commercial success. Even if it was not the most exotic and sporty of Honda motorcycles, the CBR F can be defined as a cult bike and loved and remembered since its birth in 1986.

Tappezzeria Italia offers two types of seat covers for this Honda CBR 600 , for models produced from 1999 to 2006:

  • Standard Cover - Edimburo 1 model : exclusive cover in non-slip and waterproof material, black carbon look with 6 different colors
  • Comfort System upholstery - Edimburgo model : exclusive upholstery in non-slip and waterproof material, black carbon look with the choice of 6 colors, enriched with a latex sponge that gives the seat more softness, making it suitable for long journeys.