BMW K 1600 GTL: travel in maximum comfort!

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BMW K 1600 GTL

Athletic, dynamic and extraordinary: the BMW K 1600 GTL stands for exclusive and comfortable travel.

How are legends born and how do they spread around the world? With the six-cylinder engine of the K 1600 GTL, the answer is clear: travel.

Its absolute control and performance are legendary and palpable with your own hands. In addition, thanks to the reworked engine control system, the power and torque are now even more impressive.

The rated power of 160 hp is already attainable at 1000 rpm, whereas previously it was reached at 6750 rpm. The traction control system (MSR) and the Dynamic ESA, guarantee stability and safety and are perfectly adapted to the driving modes, which are now even more exciting: for an even more performance-oriented Performance Touring .

K 1600 GTL is convenient and comfortable, thanks also to our seat cover

system comfort seat cover

The prerequisites for traveling in business class are all there, the XL size superstructures offer shelter from the air, technological gadgets that increase the desire to grind kilometers such as the C ruise control , the height-adjustable windscreen , heated saddle and grips and the radio . Without forgetting the space for luggage: the BMW K 1600 GTL is the largest of the K family with its trio of suitcases.  

Finally, the icing on the cake, the seat for pilot and passenger, which thanks to the new COMFORT SYSTEM” model by  TAPPEZZERIA ITALIA , with the integration of  “Memory Foam®”  in the upholstery, becomes as comfortable as the sofa at home.

Two models of Comfort System seat cover are available, compatible with the K 1600 GTL:

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