Ducati Monster 2021

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The bike is very light and this can actually help those who are not very experienced, especially if they decide to choose the 35 kW version for novice drivers (full power is a bike that pushes…). In fact, now the Ducati Monster 2021 replaces both the Monster 797 and the Monster 821 in one fell swoop and is in fact the entry bike to the Ducati range. A bike that can grow together with the rider's ability.

The impression, immediately, is of having the bike in hand, Agility but also rigor, excellent on the fast, the new Ducati Monster 2021 manages to effectively combine the speed of execution of an actually very light bike, with a remarkable directionality. 

The engine is the protagonist of the guide: thanks to the low weight, the Testastretta 937 cc here is really in great shape, offering top performance in the segment, especially in terms of torque. Ready, from the first degrees of opening.

Tappezzeria Italia has studied 3 types of coverings for this latest creation from Ducati,

standard saddle upholstery (for those who only care about the aesthetic part)

UTRA GRIP coating (for those who have a fast ride and need more grip on the saddle)

COMFORT SYSTEM upholstery with memory foam (for those who need greater comfort in the saddle)

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