KTM 1290: the Super Adventure R and our custom coated seats

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As in the past, the KTM 1290 - Super Adventure R, has an off-road-oriented grip with spoked wheels, 21 and 18 inches, and suspension with greater travel than the previous model.

The new structures offer an ergonomic cure in keeping the fuel of the KTM 1290 as much as possible inside the tank (23 liters) in perfect rally style, also favoring the lowering of the bike's center of gravity.

The chassis of the KTM 1290 Super Adventure has been deeply renewed and designed, to give better agility and driving feeling, with a redistribution of weights, aimed at increasing handling and stability at the same time.

The 23-liter tank is made in three parts, in order to give the bike's center of gravity.

The suspension has also been revamped and improved, with the fully adjustable fork with 48mm stanchions, providing 220mm of travel with separate damping functions. The shock has the same travel as the fork, and is also fully adjustable.

This is a grand touring bike suitable for those who love long journeys, but do not mind dirt roads, a powerful and reactive bike in pure KTM style.

Tappezzeria Italia's proposal for this KTM 1290 Adventure - R

Tappezzeria Italia has studied new graphics for the seat cover of the KTM 1290 - Adventure R , both for the models ranging from 2017 to 2020 , and for the new 2021 model, with colors and designs in line with the whole bike.

As always, in addition to the Standard and Special Color upholstery model , the ULTRA GRIP cover (suitable for a more sporty driving) and the COMFORT SYSTEM cover, which helps to reduce the sense of fatigue that is often perceived over long periods , find space in our catalog. journeys.

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