Our exclusive In & Out assembly service, offers you the application of our coatings on your two-wheeled vehicle: you bring the vehicle and we'll take care of the rest!

All of our upholstery, both the Comfort and the Normal ones, have been designed on a saddle identical to the original, in fact, in our warehouse, we have a saddle identical to the one that the parent company mounts on the bike. In this way we are able to perfectly study our patterns, which are then digitized on CAD and put into production.

We do not include any upholstery in the catalog that we have not previously verified the perfect adherence to the saddle, in this way we can sell our products all over the world without risking the return of items that do not have a perfect fit.

The assembly of the cladding, by virtue of what has been said above, can be quite simple even for the layman; in addition, each saddle cover is accompanied by a detailed assembly manual.

On our YouTube channell, you can find numerous video tutorials that illustrate the assembly of the saddle step by step, so as to make it clear, how the assembly of the covered saddle is quite simple.

Alternatively, for all those who are unfamiliar with DIY, our IN & OUT assembly service is active, which involves the assembly of our covered saddle, carried out directly by our craftsmen; with a small additional expense, you will have your new coating ready to use!

The cost of the In & Out assembly service is € 49 for normal saddles and € 59.00 for comfort saddles, the customer only has to think about detaching the saddle from the bike and closing it in a box, we'll take care of the rest.

After having made an appointment with the customer in advance, our express courier will pass by who will collect the box, deliver the saddle to us and when the work is completed, we will ship it again to the same address, all within 8/10 working days.

The assembly service is active only for Italy and can be selected directly from our site when ordering.

The In & Out service is also active for GERMANY - FRANCE - ENGLAND - SPAIN - NETHERLANDS - PORTUGAL, upon contact via email at info@tappezzeriaitalia.it