Of all our seat covers, the most appreciated and requested is definitely the “COMFORT SYSTEM”.
The outside  of this coating is exactly the same as all other covers, but it is integrated inside with  a special 2,5cm layer of Memory Foam.
Nowadays, Tappezzeria Italia is the only company in the world that offers this innovation.
Without making any other special intervention on the saddle, this coating allows all motorcyclists to have in a single product, an attractive and exclusive aesthetic as well as greater comfort.

In fact, the Memory Foam is fixed directly in the production phase inside each coating.
The combination of this particular material with the original sponge of the saddle, promotes comfort by reducing fatigue and vibrations transmitted by the bike.
Together with each COMFORT SYSTEM coating, we also provide a manual that will explain to all customers how to realize autonomously

and simply the sacrococcygeus drain channel to have a lower pressure in the sacral and prostatic area.