All our coatings both the comfort ones and the normal ones have been studied on a saddle identical to the original, in fact we inside our warehouse have a saddle identical to that which the parent company mounts on the bike. In this way we can perfectly study our paper patterns that are then digitized on CAD and put into production. We do not include in our catalog any coverings that we have not previously ascertained the perfect adherence to the saddle, in this way we can sell our products all over the world without risking the return of items that do not have perfect adhesion.

The assembly of the coating in virtue of what has been said above can be quite simple even for the layman. Moreover, each covering is equipped with a detailed assembly manual and on our You tube you can find numerous video tutorials that show step by step how to mount the cladding it's a simple thing.

As an alternative for all those who want the assembly of the new coating to be carried out by our artisans, our IN & OUT service is active, with a small additional expense to make the assembly work us.

With this service that costs € 49 for normal saddles and € 59.00 for comfort seats, the customer should not think of anything other than to remove the saddle from the bike and close it inside a box, we'll take care of the rest.

After having previously made an appointment with the customer, we will pass one of our express couriers who will pick up the box, deliver the box to us and, once the work is finished, we will send the saddle back to the same address, all during 8/10 days. Lav.

The service is active only for Italy and is directly selectable from our site when ordering.

The service is also active for GERMANY - FRANCE - ENGLAND - SPAIN - NETHERLANDS - PORTUGAL
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