The cladding bearing the word CONFORT SYSTEM is made by coupling a special latex sponge of MEMORY FOAM to the covering, suitably studied in its density and elasticity for motorcycle upholstery.

the Memory foam that we use is similar to that of mattresses but its density (hardness) must be about 70% higher than a common mattress, this because the saddle must transmit comfort to the rider using only 2.30 cm . of latex.

the Memory that we insert inside the saddle has a thickness of 230 mm that compresses when the rider or the passenger sit until reaching a thickness that varies according to the rider's weight between 0.5 and 0.7 cm.

THE MEMORY FOAM, tends to take the shape of the rider, making the saddle as if it had been created specifically for the customer, making it anatomically perfect to the rider or passenger, also favors the elimination of vibrations that the bike transmits to the spine .

All CONFORT SYSTEM upholstery has been studied on a saddle identical to the original one and therefore they have a perfect adherence to the saddle, the assembly of the covering can however not be within everyone's reach, we recommend for all comfort system lining to lean for assembly an upholsterer or saddler in your area

as an alternative for Italy and for some European Community countries you can use our IN & OUT service