Tappezzeria Italia, is a brand of Giovanni Crupi srl, a company that has been producing leather clothing for over 40 years.

It is from the passion for the motor world of the owner Antonio Crupi, which is born Tappezzeria Italia. A company that, with the high skills given for years in the field of medium / high level packaging and the utmost attention to detail, given by craftsmanship, creates coatings for motorcycle saddles, standards and comfort.

The in-depth knowledge of packaging techniques, the constant search for innovative materials and the collaboration with the most important companies producing materials for car and motorcycle upholstery are the key points on which every creation of Tappezzeria Italia is based.

Another characteristic that Mr. Antonio has to invest in equipment, materials and human resources, is the interest in news. Tappezzeria Italia is always looking for new materials and solutions to guarantee the customer the best quality / price ratio, such as, for example, comfort coverings. By inserting a particular Memory Foam ® latex sponge between the lining and the saddle, it gives a seat comfort never before experienced on an original saddle.

All covers are designed on a saddle identical to yours, giving the guarantee of a perfect fit.
Each coating is accompanied by a detailed assembly manual, so that the customer does not have to do is follow the instructions to mount the new coating. As an alternative, Tappezzeria Italia offers to the customer who does not want to do self-made work, the possibility to use the "In & Out" service: Tappezzeria Italia in a few days withdraws, mounts and sends the customer his saddle.

Browsing the site, www.tappezzeriaitalia.it, you can view numerous coatings made in various colors.
Upholstery Italy: the stylistic choice for those who want to give a personal look to their bikes.