Comfort System cushion for the passenger seat

Comfort System cushion for the passenger seat


Comfort System cushion for the rider or passenger seat


The cushion is made of Ultragrip non-slip material

water repellent and resistant to atmospheric agents,

the inside of the pillow is made up of a 2,5 cm memory foam plate

to promote comfort and a 1 cm polyurethane sheet

which favors the absorption of vibrations.

It is installed on the saddle by means of adjustable straps

Indicated to increase the comfort of the saddle

without particular interventions on the same.

Selecting the IN & OUT service during the purchase phase you will activate the procedure that allows us to do the job of fitting the covering on your saddle, this service with an additional cost of (€ 49 for normal saddles and € 59 for the saddles confort) provides:

- the withdrawal of the saddle directly to your home by express courier in the day and times you prefer

- the structural verification of the saddle in all its parts

- assembly of the saddle by our craftsmen

- the return of the saddle directly to your home.

This service is particularly recommended for comfort seats, once the service has been selected and the order has been completed, you will be contacted by a consultant of our staff with whom you can decide, compatibly with your commitments, the day on which to collect your saddle and any other needs.

Processing times vary from 8 to 10 working days (Italy)
the service is also active for INGHILTERRA - SPAIN - FRANCE - GERMANY
for more info contact us at

All covers of Tappezzeria Italia, are made of 100% waterproof materials, while the seams are taped from the inside to prevent water infiltration ensuring a water resistance of 80%.
However, they may occur infiltration if the saddle is exposed to rain for a long period or at high-pressure washing.
These possible events, although rare, are not due to a defect in the session,
All our saddles are made with a very elaborate graphic design, this in favor of a captivating aesthetic and of great visual impact, our lines now appreciated all over the world are the maximum expression of the made in Italy saddlery. Master craftsmen sew our covers with great passion to give the customer a product that is recognizable and high quality. Unfortunately, however, the greater the seams in coatings and greater will be the possibility of occurrence of infiltration. It's important to understand that if realizzassimo, shell with few seams (like some of our competitors) could guarantee a water resistance of 100% saddle.
In any case, we of Italian upholstery put the satisfaction of the customer first and then we thought of the realization of small elastic and water-repellent covers that can be purchased separately from the saddle. These headphones are easy to adhere to the saddle and small encumbrance, if you find yourself having to leave the bike to the elements just put the cover supplied (optional) to be sure that your saddle will remain completely dry inside. These headphones will also be very useful both to protect your new saddle from water, and to protect it from the sun and all those external factors that can ruin the roof.
The headphones are priced at € 20 and can be purchased via our website.

* 100% waterproof MATERIALS - 80% waterproof SEWINGS.
More info visit the page WATERPROOF

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