Seat cover compatible Honda Crossrunner 800 (10-15) Caserta comfort system model
Seat cover compatible Honda Crossrunner 800 (10-15) Caserta comfort system model
Seat cover compatible Honda Crossrunner 800 (10-15) Caserta comfort system model
Seat cover compatible Honda Crossrunner 800 (10-15) Caserta comfort system model

Seat cover compatible Honda Crossrunner 800 (10-15) Caserta comfort system model

  • 1RD (red)
  • 3WH (white)
  • 4GR (grey)
  • 5BL (black)

10 years of experience Top quality materials Top quality finishes Dedicated customer service

Attention: The colors of the materials may differ slightly in the photos and in person.
We use the closest matching color available to the original motorcycle colors.

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Seat cover compatible Honda Crossrunner 800

from 2010 to 2015

Caserta comfort system model


Exclusive seat cover made in

black no-slip fabric,

black carbon look

and inserts to choose between:

variant: 1RD ( red )

variant: 3WH ( white )

variant: 4GR ( grey )

variant: 5BL ( black )


Available with logo

or without logo


This cover is combined on the inside with a special memory foam

latex sponge, which gives more comfort to the saddle.

Waterproof* and resistant at atmospheric agents.

Reinforced with double stitching,

high resistence to chemical agents.

We deliver the detailed

instructions manual for assembly.

However, we recommend installation

by qualified personnel.

Honda Crossrunner 800 (10-15)
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Shipping Costs and Times

Italy €12,00 Delivered in 8/10 working days
Europe EU € 24.00 Delivered in 10/15 working days
Europe Non EU € 32.00 Delivered in 10/15 working days
North America € 30.00 Delivered in 10/15 working days
South and Central America € 38.00 Delivered in 10/15 working days
Asia and Oceania € 55.00 Delivered in 10/15 working days

Terms of payment

Credit card
Bank transfer (the order will be processed once the credit has been verified on our current account)
Scalapay: pay in 3 interest-free installments

All the covers of Tappezzeria Italia, are made with 100% waterproof materials, the seams are heat-taped from the inside to prevent the infiltration of water, ensuring 80% waterproofing.

However, infiltration may occur if the saddle is exposed to rain for a long time or to high pressure washing. These events, although rare, are not due to a defect in the coating.

All our saddles are made with a very elaborate graphic design, this in favor of an attractive aesthetic and great visual impact, our lines, now appreciated all over the world, are the maximum expression of made in Italy saddlery.

Master craftsmen sew our covers with great passion to give the customer a product that is recognizable and of great quality.

Unfortunately, the more numerous the seams in the coatings and the greater the possibility that small infiltrations will occur.

It is important to understand that if we realized covers with few seams (like some of our competitors) we could guarantee a total waterproofness of the saddle.

Anyway, Tappezzeria Italia put customer satisfaction first and so we decided to make small elastic and water-repellent covers that can be purchased separately from the saddle.

These protective covers (optional) are easy to adhere to the saddle and little bulky, if you find yourself having to leave the bike to the weather, just put the cover to be sure that your saddle will remain completely dry inside.

The protective covers will also be very useful both to protect your new saddle from water, and to protect it from the sun and from all those external factors that can ruin the saddle.

Each protective cover cost 20€ and can be purchased through our website or by sending an email to

Assembly Instructions:

This manual is designed to inform the customer about the type of machining required for the assembly of the new
coverage. The mounting of the covers is similar for all types of saddles, although the photo of the saddle in this manual
does not look like at that request, the assembly system is always the same. We recommend to folllow the manual in every
part and view the video tutorials on our site or on our youtube channel. If you recognize that the assembly is not within
your reach, we recommend rely on a local saddler.

The company declines all responsibility for the covers mounted incorrectly.

Useful information:
The new coating is made of high quality materials and yarns, highly resistant to atmospheric agents.
We do not recommend, however, to leave the bike in the sun for long periods and we suggest to cover the saddle
during washing, this way it will favor the greater durability of materials and colors. This cover is made with materials
suitable for exterior, however a good care of the saddle, will keep the cover always new and with bright colors.

For cleaning the new cover it is recommended to use water and neutral soap, providing to dry the saddle immediately
after washing. Velvet effect PVC material, may be a little more delicate than others, if the new coating
is made with this material, we recommend that it is not exposed to too much sun, and that it is washed and
dried immediately. Even if It is a material suitable for the saddlery, the loss of color and shine could still occur .

Mounting a cover may take between 15 and 20 minutes, for some covers such as the COMFORT SYSTEM type,
the assembly can be much longer and complicated. The assembly phases remain the same, however,
in the case of COMFORT SYSTEM covers, we suggest you to contact experienced people immediately.


Before starting the installation work of your cover we invite you to use the necessary precautions, use gloves and
glasses for removing pins and be very careful when applying staples with the gun.
The company declines all responsibility due to accidents caused during the installation of the product.

To start the assembly get:

  • 1) a screwdriver
    2) a plier with narrow spouts
    3) a manual staple gun or
    4) an electric staple gun or
    5) a pneumatic staple gun
    6) protective film (suggested)


Pay close attention to the staple gun, could accidentally cause injuries, we recommend
trying to shoot a few staples on a piece of wood before starting assembly.
The motorcycles saddles are made with very hard plastics, piercing the plastic can be
difficult if you do not have a suitable gun. It is possible to accomplish the work
even with a manual gun, but we highly recommend an electric or compressed air gun.
It is important also that the pressure of the gun is not excessive, if the pressure is too
much it could cause rips on the cover. When you remove the staples of the old cover
you have to pay attention to your fingers, loosen the staples(1.) and then remove them
with pliers one at a time (2.).

During the assembly you could experience difficulties, lose a lot of time and have a disappointing result,
You should follow the instructions step by step and do not the job quickly.
It can be useful to watch our video tutorials on our website or on our Youtube channel.


After removing all the staples that block the cover of the saddle, you must remove away
the old cover.
(Optional) It is suggested to put between the sponge of the saddle and the new cover a
protective film that favors the insertion of the new cover and creates a waterproof barrier
between sponge and cover.

By adhering the front of the saddle (1), slide the cover with your hands over the saddle,
be very careful with the front that adheres well to the corners of the saddle.
Accompany the cover towards the rear of the saddle (2) and towards the sides (3).
When the cover is well lodged above the saddle you can proceed with locking.

First pull the cover to the bottom of the saddle and nail
with the stapler gun the rear locking with 3/4 staples. (4)

Then proceed with the front always pulling well and using 3/4 staples. (5)

Finally proceed with the two sides using 3/4 staples per side pulling towards
the outside (6), trying to keep the center aligned to the saddle. At this point the
saddle should be locked, you must now check if it is perfectly centered and that it does
not have any folds or slow parts. If a further draught of the cover is needed, remove
the staples that block the side on which to intervene, and reposition the cover well and
then block it again.

Assembly Instructions:

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